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Skyscraper ads, larger vertical advertisements measuring 600 pixels tall and either 120 or 160 pixels wide, were found to be the Most Effective of all standard sized online ads.

In a major study commissioned by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) and two of its members - Microsoft and DoubleClick (banner ad company now owned by Google), Skyscraper banner ads were found to be more memorable than any other standard online ad size. In general, the results showed larger sized ads performed better than smaller sized ads - not exactly an earth-shattering conclusion. But one thing that stood out was Skyscraper ads clearly had the most positive results among 170,000 people surveyed on the effectiveness of online ads. Test results confirmed larger ads, known as Interactive Marketing Units (IMUs), "improve key branding metrics" by 40 percent on average.

Despite the best efforts of the IAB, there has been some confusion in the ad marketplace over which of the 2 Skyscraper ad width measurements is actually the IAB standard.

Standard banner ad sizes - Dimensions for online advertising

Sample Skyscraper Ads + Wide Skyscaper Ads

The CORRECT Width for an IAB Standard Size Skyscraper Ad is 120 pixels, as in 120x600. Its wider brother, measuring in at 160 pixels in width, is properly called a Wide Skyscraper. 120x600 ads may be INCORRECTLY listed as a Narrow Skyscraper or Thin Skyscraper, due to false assumptions 160x600 is now the skyscraper standard size.

One simple reason for Skyscraper banners performing better is the shape of a Skyscraper ad itself. It remains in view longer - even after users scroll down. Unlike other size ads, which disappear after a user scrolls down, the bottom of skyscraper ads have an extra chance to grab attention. Only Skyscraper ads enjoy this anti-scrolling advantage!

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